Sal Points

Other Photography Sites

See a list of some photographers I like.

Newton Camera Club - my local camera club

Newtonville Camera - These folks have taken care of me for years with prints and equipment. But they still need to re-do the web site.

Autumn Color - Expert digital printers in Worcester. Lightjet output is good. - First source for information about digital cameras. The forums have an awfully low signal-to-noise ratio, though.

Strobist - Great blog about learning to use small strobes well

Workshop at the Ranch - Dave Black's series, mostly about using Nikon's Creative Lighting System

photoshopnews - Updates on Photoshop and digital imaging news from Jeff Schewe and Pixel Genius

Pixel Genius - Speaking of Pixel Genius. Great, great sharpening product. - Large and sometimes very helpful photo site

Kindra Clineff - Talented Boston pro photographer with whom I've done some work.  She was once runner-up Miss Cornish Fair (NH).  I kid you not. 

Random Things of Interest

Ultrasonic Productions - Producers of "A Night at the Rock Opera", for which I was official photographer (some of my pictures are on the site, as are some from Shawn Carey) - The Boston Ultimate Disc Alliance - Boston-area frisbee leagues


Possum Hall - my friend Mac's excellent music studio

35th Parallel - Mediterrasian Jazz. More or less...


Other stuff I do

I've got a text blog where I occasionally muse on photography, ultimate frisbee, or other random things.

I'm going to experiment with a photo blog if I can get the archives working.